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  • Work and Win; Noddy Newman on a Cruise
  • Work and Win; Noddy Newman on a Cruise
    Oliver Optic
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    The fourth book of the Woodville Series shares the progress of a boy whose education had been neglected, and whose moral attributes were of the lowest order, from vice and indifference to the development of a high moral and religious principle in the heart, which is the rule and guide of a pure and true life. The incidents which make up the story are introduced to illustrate the moral status of the youth, at the beginning, and to develop the influences from which proceeded a gentle and Christian character. Mollie, the captain's daughter, whose simple purity of life, whose filial devotion to an erring parent, and whose trusting faith in the hour of adversity, won the love and respect of Noddy, was not the least of these influences. The fifth book in the series is Hope and Have; or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians.