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  • Master's Violin
  • Master's Violin
    Myrtle Reed
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    Originally published in 1904, “The Master’s Violin” is the seventh novel by Myrtle Reed. It is set in a German town of Pennsylvania, East Lancaster, giving two characters fairly difficult accents to perform. The story entails a widow, Margaret Irving, and her son, Lynn. Returning to East Lancaster after 20 years they are hoping to further Lynn’s musical career under the tutelage of Herr Kaufmann, the master violinist.

    We find the young lady, Iris, brought up by her adopted Aunt Peace, interacting with her new neighbours, as she slowly learns to live on her own. As we get to know Doctor Brinkerhoff we discover who he has grown fond of over the years. The love stories of three couples continue throughout the novel and bring us to the potential they all carried throughout their lives.