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  • Story of My Life, Part 3 (Supplemental - Helen's Education)
  • Story of My Life, Part 3 (Supplemental - Helen's Education)
    Helen Keller
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    Secondary Title - A supplementary Account of Helen Keller's Education, including passages from the Reports and Letters of her Teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan. In fact, over half of the book is Anne Sullivan's written reports for the Perkins Institute on her unique (homeschooling on steroids!) teaching methods, which she invented as she went along. John Albert Macy, Anne Sullivan's husband, was uniquely positioned to gather the written material in this book. He helped Helen edit the now famous "The Story Of My Life" (Part 1 of this trilogy), describing her early life in her own words. He was able to gather Helen's early letters (Part 2), and for Part 3 to gain access to Anne Sullivan's papers, and sundry correspondence from the great influencers in Helen's life. According to Macy, it was Miss Sullivan who discovered the way to teach language to the deaf-blind.