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  • Prisoner of Zenda, The
  • Prisoner of Zenda, The
    Hope, Anthony
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    The Prisoner of Zenda tells the story of Rudolf Rassendyll, an English gentleman on holiday in Ruritania, a country not a thousand miles from Bavaria. There, by reason of his resemblance to the King of Ruritania he becomes involved in saving the King’s Life and his Throne from the King’s dastardly brother and his allies. Woods, moated castles, pomp, swordplay, gallantry, villainy and a beautiful princess. What story could ask for more?
    Sir Anthony Hope-Hawkins, A moderately successful barrister and novelist, published 'The Prisoner of Zenda' in 1894. Since then it has never been out of print and has spawned plays, operettas, musicals, several films and TV series. He subsequently wrote other novels, but none achieved similar success except perhaps ‘Rupert of Hentzau’, a sequel to the ‘Prisoner’.