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English conditional sentences

Different types of conditional sentences require the use of particular verb forms to express the condition and the consequence. In English language teaching, conditional sentences are often classified under the headings zero conditional, first conditional (or conditional I), second conditional (or conditional II), third conditional (or conditional III) and mixed conditional, according to the grammatical pattern followed, particularly in terms of the verb tenses and auxiliaries used.

  • If I see him, I will tell him. (declarative sentence, condition first)
  • I will tell him if I see him. (declarative sentence, condition second)
  • If you saw him, would you tell him? (interrogative sentence, condition first)
  • Would you tell him if you saw him? (interrogative sentence, condition second)
  • If you see it, photograph it. (imperative sentence, condition first)
  • Photograph it if you see it. (imperative sentence, condition second)