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  • War Workers
  • War Workers
    E. M. Delafield
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    This is an early work by the author of "Diary Of A Provincial Lady". During the first world war, in the Midlands, there was a place where soldiers received sandwiches and a bit of comfort. It is run by Miss Vivian, an upper class woman who is controlling and manipulative. Her dedication to her work hides her selfishness and ability to emotionally blackmail her so-called workers. She is admired by everyone for that same dedication, until Grace Jones comes to the scene and sees through her. Would someone be able to help Miss Vivian see her error and change before it is too late? This book is a war novel. Yet it is also a story which tests the narrow line between friendship and admiration and complete blindness to what your loved ones do. It is also the story of a work place which would appeal to everyone who ever had to work where there are intrigues. Yet it is also a story about family, and about the things one will or won't do for the people who truly care about us.