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  • Zeit-Geist
  • Zeit-Geist
    Lily Dougall
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    "When travelling in Canada, in the region north of Lake Ontario, I came upon traces of the somewhat remarkable life which is the subject of the following sketch.

    Having applied to the school-master in the town where Bartholomew Toyner lived, I received an account the graphic detail and imaginative insight of which attest the writer's personal affection. This account, with only such condensation as is necessary, I now give to the world. I do not believe that it belongs to the novel to teach theology; but I do believe that religious sentiments and opinions are a legitimate subject of its art, and that perhaps its highest function is to promote understanding by bringing into contact minds that habitually misinterpret one another." (From the Preface)

    "One of the most remarkable novels of the year."-- New York Commercial Advertiser.
    "Powerful in conception, treatment, and influence."-- Boston Globe.